Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Abba Uno Center

Abba Uno is based out of Hamilton Ontario Canada and has a 4,200 square foot fellowship area called the Eden Room which is used for multi-denominational worship services, meetings and events. The current site of Abba Uno is going to be finished it will house a community recreation area, counseling rooms for families, coping with a variety of problems including addictions, and group counseling areas. For more information, please contact the Abba Uno Center.
Abba Uno's next goal is to add to its existing facility and to add to it another story. As part of our vision for rehabilitation and community reintegration, our long term goal is residential units in the area to be used as transitional housing for those working towards self-sufficiency.
Self sufficiency is a prime focal point of Abba Uno's and to help people get off of the ground. The non profit charitable organization intends to help those who want to help themselves to prosper with the resources Abba Uno can provide to them.If you have any ideas for a project that will help the Community as a whole, please feel free to contact Abba Uno.

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